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Inspired by the achievements of three remarkable women, the Acequia Madre House inspires and provides a home for work in the arts, cultural preservation, and economics through residencies and public engagement. 



The Women’s International Study Center held its founding ceremony on June 23, 2013, to inspire and enable women to achieve their goals. 

Inspired by the women of Acequia Madre House and their work in the arts, sciences, cultural preservation, and business, WISC was founded to carry the women's legacy into the future. The WISC Fellows-in-Residence program provides scholars, artists, authors, and others with “a room of their own”— a residency in a fully furnished house on the Acequia Madre House grounds—to advance their work and engage with our community.

To date, WISC has supported over 70 individual fellows from 7 countries, covering a vast range of topics and disciplines of local and global interest. 

The Women’s International Study Center is fortunate to be located on the grounds of the historic Acequia Madre House.





Built in 1926 by Eva Fényes, Leonora Scott Muse Curtin, and Leonora Frances Curtin Paloheimo, Acequia Madre House is a registered historic building nearing its 100th anniversary. The main house sits on 3 acres in the historic section of Santa Fe just off Canyon Road and the property includes a caretaker cottage, gardens, and grounds, along with two separate houses which serve as live/work spaces for Fellows accepted into the WISC Fellowship-In-Residence program. WISC Fellows are granted unprecedented access to the extensive Fényes-Curtin-Paloheimo Archives and Collections during their residency. 


The Acequia Madre House blends past and present by exhibiting contemporary art in a historic setting.

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