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Dr. Hutchison’s professional trajectory has been deeply shaped by the political and economic context of twentieth-century Latin America, particularly U.S. intervention and the spread of authoritarian regimes. Concerns about social justice, democracy, and human rights have driven her engagement with Chilean history, as well as the study of labor, gender, and sexuality in 20th-century Latin America. Having Dr. Hutchison received her PhD in Latin American History (1995) and her Masters in Latin American Studies (1989) from the University of California, Berkeley, since 1998 Dr. Hutchison has worked at UNM, and also held visiting positions at the Instituto de Desarollo Económico y Social, Argentina, the Universidad de Granada and the Universitat Romiro I Virgili, Spain, and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. At UNM, Hutchison advises History and Latin American Studies graduate students and teaches undergraduate courses on labor, women, military, and religion in Latin America. Director of the Feminist Research Institute, Dr. Hutchison coordinates funding and activities for feminist faculty and graduate students at UNM.  


Her first book, Labors Appropriate to Their Sex (Duke, 2001), examined working-class women‘s role in Chile‘s economic development, labor movements, and reformist politics in the early twentieth century.  Dr. Hutchison was also the lead editor on The Chile Reader: History, Culture, Politics  (Duke, 2013), and has recently published new work on Chilean middle class history.  Based on her ongoing work with campus response to sexual violence, Dr. Hutchison participates in several research studies of campus climate and effective intervention at UNM. Since 2014, Dr. Hutchison has worked with Dr. Kimberly Gauderman on “Practicing Asylum,” a project to build a comprehensive network of expert witnesses available to testify on behalf of Latin American victims of domestic violence, LGBT discrimination, and mother-child detention.  Co-founder of Faculty for a Sexual Assault-Free Environment at UNM (Faculty SAFE), Dr. Hutchison works to promote changes in policy, strengthen support and advocacy, and advance research on campus sexual violence, both at UNM and nationally.

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