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Katherine McNamara is the author of a non-fiction narrative, Narrow Road to the Deep North, A Journey into the Interior of Alaska, and, with the late Dena’ina Athabaskan writer Peter Kalifornsky, co-author of From the First Beginning, When the Animals Were Talking, which she edited as an iBook, available on iTunes. She is founding editor and publisher (1996-2007) of Archipelago, a journal of literature, the arts, and opinion published on the Web, and now directs Artist’s Proof Editions, an imprint of Archipelago Publishers, Inc., where she is also an iBooks producer and makes video poems. She is an Affiliated Fellow, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and, currently, a Fellow of The Writers’ Institute, CUNY. She is also an active member of the Virginia Arts of the Book Center.

Katherine McNamara has spoken and taught about the work of Peter Kalifornsky as writer and theoretician of writing at Cambridge University, University College Dublin, Fort Ross State Park, California, and Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and has published articles on his work in Alaska Quarterly Review and New Voices in Native American Literary Criticism, ed. Arnold Krupat. Her essay on Faulkner, “The Bear,” and hunting, first published in The James Dickey Review, recently appeared in translation in the Roman literary-academic journal Ácoma. Katherine McNamara’s graduate work was in European history of ideas, Cornell University, which won her a research bourse from the French government. She has also received fellowships to Cill Rialiag, Co. Kerry, Ireland; the Heinrich Böll Cottage, Achill Is., Ireland; Vermont Studio Center; Virginia Center for the Creative Arts; DZANC/Disquiet Literary Seminar Lisbon; and Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. She will be in residence at Women’s International Studies Center in December 2017.

Katherine McNamara completed the courses in digital archiving, and the history of the printed book in the West since 1800, at Rare Book School, University of Virginia. At the invitation of RBS, she has curated and mounted “An Archipelago of Readers. Forming a Literary Culture in Digital Media,” on display in The Rotunda, University of Virginia, until April 30, 2018. She also build the digital guide for the exhibition. She resides in Charlottesville, Va., and is on Facebook and Twitter.


Narrow Road to the Deep North, A Journey into the Interior of Alaska
From the First Beginning, When the Animals Were Talking
First Beginning on iTunes
Artist’s Proof Editions
“An Archipelago of Readers”
“An Archipelago of Readers” web guide

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