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Lauren Furman Thumb.jpg

Lauren Furman is a talented mixed media artist based in Santa Fe, specializing in the embellishment of longhorn, bison, deer, and cow skulls with glass, tile, gemstone, and beadwork. With a passion for bone as a canvas, she has spent the past seven years experimenting with various mosaic techniques on these natural sculptures. Through her artwork, Lauren beautifully captures the essence of life and death, breathing new life into these magnificent creatures and paying homage to their existence. Each piece comes alive through intricate patterns, shapes, and colors. Since moving to Santa Fe four years ago, Lauren has found endless inspiration in the captivating landscapes of the southwest. Her mosaics often reflect the themes, scenes, and color tones found in the breathtaking beauty of the high desert, a place she loves to explore in her free time. Lauren's talent has been recognized by galleries such as Rock + Feather Gallery and David Behrens Gallery, and she also participates seasonally in the Santa Fe Artists Market.

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