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A new book by WISC Fellow Dr. Julie Sasse, Chief Curator at Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block celebrates one of the most powerful and influential art dealers in Arizona and New Mexico art history. Southwest Rising: Contemporary Art and the Legacy of Elaine Horwitch, co-published by Cattle Track Arts & Preservation and Tucson Museum of Art.


Elaine Horwitch was a major force in contemporary art in the Southwest from the late 1960s until her death in 1991. She was responsible for launching the careers of hundreds of artists from the Southwest and the nation.


With a spotlight on Horwitch’s colorful life, galleries, and artists, this book surveys art in Arizona and New Mexico from the middle of the nineteenth century through the early 1990s, revealing the artistic journeys and accomplishments of hundreds of artists, gallerists, and art professionals who contributed to the Southwest’s rich cultural heritage. Written by Julie Sasse, who worked at Elaine Horwitch Galleries for fourteen years, Southwest Rising is a combination of biography, memoir, and art historical overview of the arts and the rise of contemporary art in Arizona and New Mexico.

Southwest Rising by Julie Sasse

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