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Stacy Elliott is a writer, filmmaker, artist and archivist who is currently working on a featured-length screenplay based on the life of Martha Graham. She has written and directed short films that have screened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, DancesWithFilms Festival, and Victoria International Film Festival, among others. Her short film, Seen, won the Best Short Film prize at the DancesWithFilms Festival in Santa Monica, CA. Her first feature-length screenplay, Spring Night, was a finalist for the Sundance Writer’s Workshop three years in a row.

Stacy received a BFA in sculpture and artist books from the University of Oregon, and an MFA in filmmaking from the University of Southern California. She grew up in rural Colorado, and has lived for extended periods of time in England and Denmark.

She currently resides in Claremont, CA with her husband and three children and works as an archivist at Pitzer College.

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