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Jordan Young 

Executive Director


Jordan Young leads the Acequia Madre House and the Women’s International Study Center. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, she holds a BA in Creative Studies from UC Santa Barbara, an MFA in Poetry from the University of Arizona, and an MA in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe. She loves reading, rock climbing, skiing, fly-fishing, and hiking.

Obed Molina

Buildings & Grounds Captain


Obed Molina owns and operates Landscaping Works. 


Obed and his team have been taking care of Acequia Madre House property for over three years. He loves to see a property transform over time with appropriate care.

Emmitt Young 

Chief of Security


Emmitt is a five year old rat-terrier cattle dog mix from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter who lives at the Acequia Madre House. He loves when WISC Fellows and AMH Staff give him treats. When he is off duty, you can find him on a local hiking trail or playing fetch in the yard.

Pilar Law

Archivist, Curator & Events Director


Pilar is the Archivist for the Fényes-Curtin-Paloheimo Archive and Collection and the Events Director for the Acequia Madre House. In addition to photographing, scanning, and facilitating access to our archives, she co-curates exhibits, incorporating historic artifacts with contemporary art. 


Pilar is also curator and owner of Edition ONE Gallery on Canyon Road.

Please contact Pilar for information about exhibition opportunities or hosting your event at Acequia Madre House.

Martin Schultz



Martin was born in Hanover, Germany in 1973. He holds an M.A. in ethnology, history, and archaeology from the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Martin has worked for various museums in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden - the World Cultures Museum in Frankfurt, the Historical and Ethnological Museum in St. Gallen, Switzerland and the National Museums of World Culture in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, amongst others - before joining the team at Acequia Madre House. 

In his free time you will most likely find him in a museum storage or archives doing research.

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