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"I learn new things about myself, and my creativity."



Stina Folkebrant was born and raised in Borås but now lives in Stockholm, with a studio in Gustavsbergs Harbour. She received her artistic training both at art schools in Gothenburg and Stockholm as well as in scene-painting studios at Borås Stadsteater and the Opera in Gothenburg and has two degrees from Stockholm University, in Art History and Religious studies, with theses on Zen painting during the Sung Dynasty in China. Her interest in history, philosophy and science are reflected in her titles and are Stina’s great inspiration next to biology.

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Stina´s motifs are animals and landscapes. Her vision is to create an encounter between the observer and the animals as well as highlighting that humans are also animals among all other species. Stina paints with black and white acrylic inspired by Chinese ink painting where the black is blended with water to achieve a grayscale. From a distance, the paintings seem very realistic, but upon closer observation, the traces of the hands’ movements and the living lines becomes apparent. She most often paints on canvas measuring 3 x 4.50 meters but also uses old lace sheets and folding wooden screens. Stina paints murals both indoors and outdoors and has participated in several street-art festivals. In the spring of 2021, Stina painted a mural measuring 3 x 55 meters depicting creatures from the Pacific Ocean in Sergels torg in central Stockholm.

Stina’s murals are represented in communities such as Stockholm, Borås, Linköping, Oskarshamn and Västervik.

“It's about pictures of animals. And is there anything more human and universal than the depiction of animals?”

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